Where To Got Boating In Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a bustling city filled with amazing and adventurous things to do. The harbor area, in particular, is full of energy. We really appreciate the beauty of Sydney Harbour and we love to share this magnificent Harbour with you. We have a great deal of experience with many types of services from Weddings, Scattering of Ashes, Corporate transfers, Vessel transfers, Marriage Proposals, Harbour tours, Family Outings to name a few.


Sydney Cove Water Taxis will take you just about anywhere on Sydney Harbour or the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers from your own private pontoon or wharf or any public wharf. Our new limousine water taxi is here and will seat up to 24 passengers. It also has a viewing deck on the bow for up to 6 passengers.
For your peace of mind the aim of Sydney Cove Water Taxis is to provide comfortable, clean and safe conditions for passengers. We maintain a service that meets with national and international regulations and relevant standards, codes and guidelines.

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